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Employees of «Yandex» has presented to Vladimir Putin the voice assistant «Alice»

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the office of «Yandex», on September 23 which will be 20 years. His dialogue with the voice assistant «Alice» quoting a news media in Russia.

In «Yandex» Putin told about the activities of the company, the project showed, unmanned vehicle, and also spoke about working on a voice assistant, «Alice», which will become the Russian equivalent of Siri from Apple.

When the President offered to talk to «Alice,» he asked, voice assistant, not hurt her. She pointedly said, «Okay, I will consider».

«How are you feeling here?» — asked Vladimir Putin. And Alisa said that looking at the pictures of the seals in «Yandex». «Nothing better seals, no, I hope you’re both well,» — quoted dialogue RIA Novosti.

According to RIA Novosti, the voice search engine «Alice» will be launched on 10 October. From other voice assistants it differs that to understand normal human speech, because the search «Alice» is not a keyword, and analyzes before you answer large amounts of information.

Employees of «Yandex» has presented to Vladimir Putin the voice assistant «Alice» 21.09.2017

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