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Ended the school year in middle and high school Israeli schools

On Tuesday, June 20, started the summer holidays with 700,000 students of secondary and senior classes. Of July 1, they will join the half million students who graduated from elementary school and kindergartners.

From the press service of the Ministry of education reported that in the past school year, 16.644 student studied mathematics in five units matriculation certificate, which is about 4.000 more than the year before. In minprome note that in the beginning of the year goal was to increase the number of 2.500 studied mathematics for five units.

In the last academic year, the MoE budget grew by 4.7 billion shekels and is 57 billion.

In the summer holidays, the Ministry of education conducts a number of activities and projects.

This summer we will continue to work subsidized «school summer holidays». It is expected that this project will involve approximately 450 thousand primary school students.

Approximately 150.000 students will participate in various seminars, summer camps and hikes.

600.000 students will be in organized summer camps. In minprome note that this year, more than 5,000 inspectors would monitor the summer camps.

85.000 students with special needs will have the opportunity to continue their studies until August 15.

Approximately 10.000 students will volunteer at eight beaches in different parts of the country and provide assistance to peers in case of need.

In 233 cities and towns will operate the project «City of children and teenagers». In the framework of the project, approximately one million students will participate in cultural, sporting and other entertainment events.

175 Madrasah also various events will be organized, and it is expected that in them will take part about 500 thousand students.

More than 4,000 students will be involved as volunteers on various objects in the field of agriculture, archeology, help the weak strata of population, etc.

In August of the team of specialists and volunteers will work in Eilat, establishing contact and providing assistance to teenagers who will be in danger during the stay at the resort.

Ended the school year in middle and high school Israeli schools 20.06.2017

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