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Entered into force reform on the health insurance market

Monday, 1 February, entered into force on reform of the insurance market, in which the Finance Ministry standardized the health insurance policy.

In the new unified basic policies of all companies should include only two paragraphs – choice of surgeon and the possibility of obtaining additional specialist advice.

Insurance companies will retain the right to sell policies of other species, but they will not include those two paragraphs that comprise a basic policy.

Another aspect of the reform provides that the term of validity limited to two years. After that the insurance company will have the right to change the terms and the cost of the policy, the price increase is less than 20% will not require permission from the regulator. At the same time, it will be impossible to oblige the insured to resume the policy to undergo a medical check.

It should be noted that the reform is not retroactive and private policies purchased before January 31, 2016, will remain unchanged. Group policies will be changed in accordance with the reform on the expiration of their actions.

In addition, small insurance companies, such as «menorah» or «Ayalon», will have the right to continue to sell policies in the old format up until their market share reaches 10%.

Entered into force reform on the health insurance market 01.02.2016

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