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Erdogan called conditions of normalization of relations with Israel

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the first time recently commented on his country’s relations with Israel and made it clear that he intends to normalize these relations.

Answering the questions of journalists aboard the plane on his return from Ashgabat, on Sunday evening, December 13, Erdogan said that the middle East is interested in the normalization of relations between Turkey and Israel, reports TASS.

«We have with Israel, there are three themes. We asked them for an apology (for the deaths of nine Turkish citizens during the operation on Board the Mavi Marmara in 2010 – approx.ed.), they did. We said, we can expect compensation, this has not happened. In addition, we announced the lifting of the embargo of Palestine. The last two points are not met, Erdogan said. – I said we can go the way of the normalization process, if will be paid compensation and lifted the embargo». «The normalization process can bring a lot to us, to Israel, Palestine and to the region. The region needs it, and you need to think about the interests of all peoples inhabiting it, and, as soon as possible, to bring peace», – quotes the President of the Turkish newspaper Haber Turk.

Question about the prospects of normalization of Turkish-Israeli relations was asked Erdogan made in connection with last week the statement by the Minister of national infrastructures, energy and water resources Israel uvula of Steinitz on the supply of Israeli gas to Turkey. After him, according to Turkish media, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country is negotiating with several countries, including Turkey, about the supply of natural gas.

Last week the First channel of the Israeli television reported that the soon to be held talks between Netanyahu emissary and representative of Erdogan. It was noted that this meeting will be devoted to the normalization of Turkish-Israeli relations, remain low, after intercepting the «freedom flotilla» bound «to break through the blockade of the Gaza strip» at the end of may 2010.

In addition, the meeting will be devoted to the negotiations to buy Israeli natural gas. On the background of acute crisis in Russian-Turkish relations, Ankara is actively seeking new energy suppliers. One of them should be Qatar.

However, as reported last week on Israeli sources, Erdogan continues to insist on conditions, impracticable from the point of view of Israel. In particular, it requires the complete abolition of incommunicado in the Gaza strip, which is controlled by the Hamas terrorist organization.

Earlier it was reported that the Turkish side is actively urges Israel to expedite the consideration of the proposal on the purchase of Israeli gas. But if Erdogan will set political conditions for the signing of this trade deal, it likely will not take place.

Erdogan called conditions of normalization of relations with Israel 14.12.2015

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