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Erdogan has accused Germany of aiding the terror. Review of Russian media

On the basis of the Israeli air force Ramon crashed attack helicopter AH-64 Apache, wrote on Tuesday the Russian edition The accident occurred during a training flight, killing the helicopter pilot, 43-year-old reserve major David Zohar. The second pilot, the senior Lieutenant of military service, whose name was not reported, in serious condition was taken to the hospital.

In connection with the crash of the Israeli air force has suspended flights of Apache to determine the causes of the accident. The investigation of the incident will be carried out by a specially created Commission of the IDF.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Germany of aiding terrorists, according to news Agency TASS, citing local media.

«The German government can request the extradition of terrorist from Turkey, but they will not be anyone to send in our request,» said erdoğan, Recalling that in Germany there are nearly 3 million Turkish citizens.

Ankara gave the Berlin 4.5 thousand documents that belonged to the extremists, but there was no reaction what Erdogan came to the conclusion that this country supports terrorists.

Relations between the two countries escalated after the arrest in Turkey of six human rights defenders, who were accused of aiding terrorist groups. Among them was the German Peter Steudtner, informs «the Russian newspaper».

Designer Daria Zhukova, the co-founder of the Museum of modern art «Garage», organized contacts between Russian representatives with the President of the USA of Donald trump, which it suspects of press and, in particular, the publication of the Bell that reminds that the wife of Roman Abramovich acquainted with the family and friends trump with his daughter Ivanka.

«This is not true. She no meetings with people trump is not organized», – quotes news Agency «Interfax» a source in the environment galeristka.

Hackers broke into the network of the American TV channel HBO, stole 1.5 terabytes of data and require multi-million dollar ransom, reported on August 8, the newspaper «Kommersant» with reference to the news Agency AP.

At the disposal of cybercriminals was the information about the TV series «Game of thrones»» the correspondence of employees of the TV channel, passwords and technical data. Hackers have published online a small part of the stolen information, including scripts for several episodes of the series.

One of the hackers demanded that the leadership of HBO to pay the ransom in the amount of six months of income in bitcoins for three days – about $6 million In TV guide say that are investigating the incident and cooperating with the police and experts.

Khodorkovsky argues that Russian elites are dissatisfied with Putin. The founder of the «Open Russia» is confident that the declining standard of living, authorities will not be able to cheat on the sanctions, wrote on Tuesday the newspaper «Nezavisimaya Gazeta».

The former head of YUKOS is confident that the issue of sanctions can be solved in the near future. Despite the fact that «citizens are so rallied around the leader that they are ready to strangle him», but propaganda is more difficult to write off the declining living standards on sanctions. Which, in turn, have hurt the political elite, deprived of money and prospects in its relations with the West.

«Zakhar Prilepin: Taxi drivers in Kiev are asking – when Putin had come» is the title of a article in the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda», in which the famous writer and second-in-command of a battalion of special forces of the army DNR talks about what «is really happening in the Donbas.»

«I’m about the mood in Ukraine do you know a little bit more than everyone else. First, due to the fact that we have privileged access to sociology that goes to the administration of the DNR, and Mr Poroshenko. And when Poroshenko put on the table paper, where Alexander Zakharchenko is in the top 5 of the most popular politicians in Ukraine, of course, he was terribly enraged. If hypothetically imagine that the elections of the President of Ukraine would go Zakharchenko, he would have a 100 percent chance of at least the second round. Says it all about today’s Ukraine,» – says Park.

Erdogan has accused Germany of aiding the terror. Review of Russian media 08.08.2017

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