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Erdogan: «Turkey will heal the European Union»

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the leaders of the European Union to accept Turkey’s membership in the EU. According to him, it will heal chronic problems of international organizations.

«Without Turkey, Europe offers isolation, despair, and unrest. Turkey in Europe does not need, that Europe needs Turkey. Continent gripped by xenophobia, the extreme right has become so strong that they are taken in the coalition. Europe, stepping over their principles, waiting for the sad future», — said the head of state.

Turkey filed a request for accession to the European Union in 1987. However, the negotiations begun in 2005 had stalled. Turkey explain this reluctance to include EU Muslim state.

The tension in relations between Turkey and Europe increased significantly after the suppression of the attempted coup, and Erdogan’s regime started repressions. Preparing for the introduction of the death penalty are also unacceptable for the EU.

In September, during the election debates, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Turkey has no place in the European Union. This view is shared by more and more European politicians.

Erdogan: «Turkey will heal the European Union» 24.10.2017

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