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ESET: attack on an Israeli hospital was made by Palestinian hacker

Experts at computer security company ESET is believed that the hacker who committed the attack on the computer networks of two Israeli hospitals, lives of the Palestinian authority. This is stated on the website of the manufacturer of your antivirus software.

Hacker attack on Israeli hospitals was committed on the night of June 29.
The national headquarters for cyber defense reported that of the eight hospitals suffered only two. In the Wake of the «virus attack» has not been disabled the whole network of institutions, and suffered a few computers. The damage from the attack was much smaller than previously thought. Medical facilities continued to operate as usual.

The official blog of the company ESET says that experts have examined the malware code and found that the modified virus HoudRat, «specializing» in the data theft. The virus sends its Creator screenshots, passwords stored in Internet browsers, including Bank account information and PayPal accounts. Experts believe that the hacker is not «cyber-terrorist» as the goal of his attack, he did not put caused large-scale damage.

The Creator of the virus live, apparently, on the territory of the Palestinian authority. In particular, it specifies the domain that virus has poisoned the stolen data. In addition, software code was discovered the address of the author: rad12345 Domain owned by the company located in Dubai. On the website «sits» forum for Arab developers. Rad12345 user on the forum reported that he lives in the Palestinian authority. He is actively involved in the forum and willing to share their malware. ESET experts believe that rad12345 is the author of the malware HoudRat, which was discovered by the company in July 2016.

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ESET: attack on an Israeli hospital was made by Palestinian hacker 06.07.2017

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