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EU citizens will be in the UK settlers

The UK government has published a status document, which will be citizens of EU States residing in the United Kingdom after the «Breccia». As reported, Prime Minister Theresa may will have the right to reside in the country.

Those who live in the UK for more than five years, and members of their families, be accorded the status of settler. People whose period of stay is less, will be able to resolve the status within two years. At the moment, it is unclear from what date will be calculated time.

Her Majesty’s government for the first time after a referendum on leaving the EU voiced specific proposals to EU citizens. At the moment, their number in the UK is 3.2 million people. In the EU member States population is 1.2 million Britons.

Recall that lasted more than two weeks of negotiations between the conservatives and the Irish unionists culminated in the signing of the coalition agreement. The coalition will have 328 votes in the House of Commons.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement to the needs of Northern Ireland allocated an additional appropriation in the amount of one billion pounds. Unionists agreed to resume the work of the government of Ulster, consisting of them and Sinn FEIN.

EU citizens will be in the UK settlers 27.06.2017

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