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«Europe is a Playground of criminals»: police can not catch two crooks

44-year-old Briton mark Acklom to tempt and gathering of women, one of the most dangerous scams in the United Kingdom, was captured by the surveillance cameras in a Geneva cafe in may of this year. Next to him was his accomplice, 50-year-old Spaniard josé Manuel Costas estévez, building contractor, accused of robbing the government agencies by submitting false billing in the amount of 11 million euros.

Esteves, who faces six years in prison, the Spanish police are chasing and can’t catch for over a year, wrote in Wednesday, September 13, website news service Sky News.

Aclam known to the police that stole the 57-year-old Caroline woods $ 1.1 million. He met his victim in a clothing store, had a Swiss banker and a millionaire and fellow counterintelligence service MI6, has promised to marry her, and then asked to borrow this amount and ran away, taking with him all his savings to «sweetheart».

The border control officer in the UK Chris Hobbs said in an interview that the lack of border controls in the EU turns Europe into a «huge Playground for criminals, which can safely navigate across the continent without fear of arrest.»

«To detain criminals only if they get into an accident, ends up in the hospital or commit any more crimes. But even in this case, they can avoid arrest by using false documents» – leads edition the words of the police.

«Europe is a Playground of criminals»: police can not catch two crooks 14.09.2017

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