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European diplomats against US demands to extend the mandate of UNIFIL

The US plan for the extension of the mandate of the peacekeeping contingent of UN troops in southern Lebanon provoked strong objections on the part of European diplomats, the newspaper «al-Hayat» with reference to diplomatic sources.

The United States intends to toughen control over the activities of UNIFIL, the Lebanese Shiite terrorist organization «Hezbollah».

The EU is afraid that such a move would entail a sharp destabilization of the situation in southern Lebanon.

We will remind that on 8 August, the US representative to the UN, Nikki Haley urged to expand the mandate of the peacekeeping forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and to charge the «blue helmets» fight against illegal arsenals of the terrorist group «Hezbollah».

«The UN must take measures to stop the illegal delivery of weapons to southern Lebanon. Almost all these weapons are in the hands of terrorists, «Hezbollah» is», — she said in response to an appeal by UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres.

The UNIFIL mandate expires on 31 August. Before its renewal, UN Secretary-General said that looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of peacekeepers. It concerns the disarmament of groups «Hezbollah», operating between the Litani river and the Israeli border – in the area of responsibility of «blue helmets».

Guterres said that neither Israel nor Hezbollah has not complied with the terms of resolution No. 1701 of the UN security Council that ended the Second Lebanon war. Shiite militias have not been disarmed, and Israel continues to violate Lebanese airspace.
The UN chief stressed that the IDF had not been withdrawn from all the occupied territories, thus recognizing the right of Lebanon to the so-called the Shab’a farms. Israeli control of Hizbullah uses as the basis for the armed struggle.

June 22, Israel announced to the UN security Council that the monitoring points of the conservation organization Green Without Borders, located on the border with Israel, actually belong to Hezbollah. The relevant letters were sent to all countries members of the UN security Council.

The letters addressed to the members of the UN security Council, was accompanied by a map on which the designated vantage points «Hezbollah» that use to cover flags conservation organizations. All items are located behind the «blue line», which is a violation of UN resolutions, numbered 1701 and 1559.

The letter stated that «according to Israeli intelligence, Hezbollah is stepping up its presence in southern Lebanon that threatens the stability of the entire region.»

In a letter addressed to UN members, Israel mentions the incident, which occurred in April of this year in southern Lebanon. Then hundreds of «green activists» did not let representatives of UNIFIL in the Green without borders.

European diplomats against US demands to extend the mandate of UNIFIL 12.08.2017

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