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Exhibition in Paris: «Doctors without borders» glorify Palestinian terror

The Jewish community of France accuses the organization of «Doctors without borders» in the glorification of Palestinian terrorism, which was demonstrated in the framework of the opened in Paris with the support of the municipality exhibition.
The show entitled «Between the wars», launched on 23 December of this year at the cultural center Maison des Metallos on the theme of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Roger Zuckerman, who heads the Association of Jewish communities of France (CRIF ), has applied to the city authorities, in whose jurisdiction is situated the room, with a request to deny the organizers of the exhibition, incite, according to him, anti-Semitic sentiments and provoking the terrorists.

On his page on the social network Twitter Zuckerman wrote: «We begged «Doctors without borders» on behalf of the 130 victims of the November terrorist attacks, but they insist on their position: the terrorists are martyrs».

The concept of the exhibition presented there is formulated with the texts: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict began due to the fault of Zionists, who had set as its goal the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.
A significant part of the exposition is devoted to a 26-year resident of the West Bank, who made three visits in an Israeli prison. His father, brother, uncles were sitting, and one of them was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The reasons why these people were deprived of freedom are not specified, but colorfully described Israeli prison, where he allegedly humiliated the human dignity and torture.

On one of the photos captured a Palestinian terrorist who died during the attack. The caption to this picture says that he is a Martyr.
Also presented are photographs from the Gaza strip, where «Doctors without borders» help the wounded Palestinians. Nothing about rocket attacks by Hamas killed Israelis or the terrorists are using hospitals as a human shield.

Mego Terzian, President of the organization, said in an interview with news Agency AFP: he admits that the exhibition is ambiguous and controversial, but the reaction of Zuckerman calls «irresponsible» and his accusations of «violating the socially accepted norms and unacceptable».

Exhibition in Paris: «Doctors without borders» glorify Palestinian terror 29.12.2015

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