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Existing rules for the use of bicycles extended for six months

Economic Committee of the Knesset extended the temporary decree regulating the use of bicycles, for half a year. Thus, MPs had partially upheld the request of the Ministry of transport, insisted on the extension of the decree for two years.

In two months there will be one further meeting of the Commission devoted to the bikes, which the transport Ministry will report on progress in such matters as registration of bikes, the minimum age of use, the maximum speed of movement and the provision of municipal inspectors with powers to supervise compliance with the rules.

Commission Chairman Eitan cabel said that if no progress, the Commission will not renew the decree.

The police told MPs that consider it necessary to increase the minimum age of riding a bike since the age of 14 to 16 years and to introduce mandatory licensing of bicycles and to oblige those wishing to ride on this bike to get a driver’s license, at least in a shortened procedure.

Over the past year, police have written about 2 thousand fines for dangerous riding bikes

Existing rules for the use of bicycles extended for six months 30.12.2015

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