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Exit polls: party of Macron convincing wins in the parliamentary elections in France

Sunday, June 18, in France hosted the second round of parliamentary elections. Party President Emmanuel Macron «On the March», according to the exit polls, gets an absolute majority in Parliament.

In the French National Assembly, the lower house of Parliament, the 577 deputies elected for five years. According to forecasts, the supporters of Macron will take it from 355 to 425.

Deputies from the «National front», whose leader, marine Le Pen, was the main rival of Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election, will receive, according to the forecasts of TF1, from 4 to 8 seats. However, marine Le Pen first came into the lower house. In his constituency in the city of Henin-beaumont, she received 58.7% of the vote.

The party «the Republicans», consisting in the Alliance with the Union of Democrats and other parties will take in the National Assembly from 97 to 130 seats, the socialists — from 27 to 49 seats.

However, the reviewers noted the extremely low voter turnout during the second round. It amounted to 43 percent. A is explained by the fact that this tour was bereft of intrigue, and the result was predictable.

Convincing victory in the election of representatives «On the March» means that macron will be able to form a government, and effectively and quickly to carry out reforms through Parliament.

Exit polls: party of Macron convincing wins in the parliamentary elections in France 18.06.2017

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