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Experiment in Facebook: hatred of bus seats, reminiscent of Muslim women

Norwegian journalist Johan Letavic conducted an interesting social experiment: he posted a photo of empty seats in the bus, vaguely reminiscent of a group of Muslim women in a burqa, on the community page «Fatherland above all» (Fedrelandet viktigst) in the social network Facebook.

The photo journalist has supplied the question: «What do people think about that?». The response to the raffle was the stream of comments full of hatred towards immigrants from Muslim countries, writes on Wednesday, August 2 edition of the Huffington Post.

The members of this closed group regularly exchange complaints against the flow of Muslims, Zataevich their country in recent years. Only a few of them realized that the picture depicts an empty chair, and most suggested that these women in burqas are dangerous: «you never know who’s hiding – maybe the terrorists with weapons.»
Users commented on the photo with the words «disgusting», «tragic», «Islamization of Norway» and the like.

The lottery became widely popular after this post ran on his blog Sindre Beyer, political Advisor to the labour party, monitor the activities of such communities.

«I was shocked by the amount of lies and hatred that applies here, and these empty seats – a convincing proof that hatred conquers wisdom» – so Beyer commented on this situation in the newspaper Nettavisen.

Sattvik told reporters that his joke angered members of the community, and he was expelled from this group. He, however, believes that the experiment achieved the goal of demonstrating the difference between «legitimate criticism of immigration in Europe and blind racism and xenophobia».

«As a journalist, I am fascinated by uncovering the social mechanisms of polarization of society and the influence the perception of reality the views and opinions of others» – leads edition of the words of Kattavia.

Experiment in Facebook: hatred of bus seats, reminiscent of Muslim women 03.08.2017

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