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Expert for migration: more than 50 million Muslims approve of violence, «the glory of Islam»

Ruud Koopmans, Professor of sociology and migration processes at the University of Berlin by Humboldt, gave an interview to the German edition of PR Online, which claimed more than 50 million Muslims support the violence and those who commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam.

In this regard, Koopmans, who also holds the post of Director of the Department of migration research at the Berlin center for social Sciences, called on the EU authorities to block entry to the territory of European migrants, the reliability of which documentary is not confirmed.

The Professor reports that about half of the billion adherents of the Muslim religion is professed by ultra-conservative version of Islam, which ignores the rights of women, homosexuals and adherents of other religions.

Of these 500 million not less than 10% recognize the violence, although not everyone is ready to implement it personally. However, they approve of the radical Islamists, support them financially, provide shelter and, at least, is not misleading about their intentions to the authorities.

According to the most optimistic estimates, at least 8% of Muslims in Germany support violence against «infidels» and 11% agreed with the following statement: «There are situations in which I use violence to protect my religion.»

In several Muslim countries, 14% of the local population find of suicide bombings, which killed civilians, legitimate and designed to protect Islam, says Koopmans, based on the results of studies conducted by the American Institute Pew Research Center.

Koopmans emphasizes that he sees nothing bad in an alien culture – as long as its members are willing to contact with the local population and to enrich your traditions of European countries. However, this is not for those who spread medieval misconceptions, and to these people should be taken «zero tolerance». That is why he insists on the need to place migrants in a transit zone and keep them there for as long as their personality and beliefs are studied.

Expert for migration: more than 50 million Muslims approve of violence, «the glory of Islam»

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