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Experts: during the year the number of foreigners in the IG doubled

The report, published by the new York-based consulting firm, The Sultan Group, is evidence of the failure of the efforts of the international community to isolate the terrorist group «Islamic state».

According to the document, last year the number of foreign fighters in the Islamic state more than doubled, exceeding 27.000 people. According to the authors, «Islamic state» has become the first global terrorist phenomenon.

A large part of manpower of the jihadists come from North Africa and the Middle East by 8000 persons. Around 5,000 fighters – Europeans, 4.700 arrived in the region from the territory of the former USSR. 20-30% fighters return home, which presents significant challenges for European States.

Meanwhile, human rights organization Amnesty International notes that during large-scale offensive in June 2014, the Islamic state captured from the Iraqi army weapons, which will be enough for three infantry divisions.

Most of the weapons and equipment of American production – including tanks and armoured personnel carriers. However, in the Arsenal group, you can find the weapons produced in 25 countries. Favorite small arms of the militants are Russian Kalashnikovs.

«The unimpeded delivery of weapons to Iraq, the absence of arms control passed to the Iraqi army and security forces have allowed ISIS to commit mass crimes: murder, kidnapping, rape, torture,» — noted human rights activists.

Experts: during the year the number of foreigners in the IG doubled 08.12.2015

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