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Exposing Kadyrov Yashin the first report published by the head of Chechnya

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has posted on their pages in social networks, in particular in the «Live journal», the report of the Deputy Chairman of the Russian opposition party PARNAS Ilya Yashin. The report details corruption in the Chechen Republic and the activities of the militants, Kadyrov, which Yashin calls «arguably the most efficient military organization in modern Russia».

The report Yashin «a Threat to national security», an excerpt from which was published the day before the publication of the New Times, needs to be presented on Tuesday, February 23, at a press conference in Moscow. The output of the report was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the assassination of comrade Yashin opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.

On the morning of February 23, before the scheduled press conference, the full text of the report Yashin appeared on the pages of Kadyrov in social networks.

«Their attitude to this one-man show, I Express the fact that make copies of these things work. Don’t know what else is blah-blah, but written contains nothing but hot air)))», — wrote Kadyrov on his page in «Live journal».

As it became known later, the report fell into the hands of Kadyrov, because of mistakes made by employees of the organization «Open Russia». The organization received a text Yashin with the condition not to publish the report before the presentation, however, due to «technical errors» the text was published before its time, and for those five minutes, during which the report was in the public domain, it managed to download.

The Yashin said that he welcomes the publication of the report on the website of Kadyrov. The website of the dozhd TV channel quoted opposition leader, who said that Kadyrov had helped him to solve the problem of disseminating the report among the inhabitants of the Chechen Republic.

A report became widely known in December of last year when Yashin accused Kadyrov that the covers of the killers of Boris Nemtsov. Also in December, the opposition sent an open letter to Kadyrov, stating that it is prepared to come to Grozny to meet the head of Chechnya and ask him «some questions». In response, Kadyrov called Yashin «funny man».

Exposing Kadyrov Yashin the first report published by the head of Chechnya 23.02.2016

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