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Facebook blocked the page with the materials after Hamas calls Israelis

13:20 of the middle East became inaccessible page of the radio station «Voice of al-Aqsa» in the social network Facebook, which were previously posted materials calling for terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens.

Among others was the video deleted by Hamas, praising the organizer of the bus bombings of Yahya YASA, liquidated over 20 years ago.

As previously reported, on 7 February in the pages of «Brigades Izaddin al-kasama» (military wing of the terrorist organization Hamas) in social networks there was a new propaganda video glorifying one of the founders of this group of ajasa Yahya, who was the organizer of a series of bus attacks in the mid 90-ies. Clip of Hamas militants urged the jihadists to new attacks of this kind.

Editorial published a description of a video clip of terrorists, which was, in particular, posted on the website of the radio station «Voice of al-Aqsa» in the social network Facebook, and standard filed a complaint to the administration of Facebook, reporting the placement in this social network of material containing «a real threat of violence.» With similar complaints to the Facebook administration has addressed many of our readers.

During the first 20 hours of treatment were given the standard answer: «Thank you for taking the time and reported that he found the materials that don’t meet our community Standards. Such complaints are an important part of turning Facebook in a safe and friendly space. We checked the video that you complained for promoting the image of scenes of violence, and found that it did not violate our Community Standards. Let us know if you see something that does not suit you. We want Facebook remains safe and enjoyable place for all.»

Editorial again appealed to the administration of Facebook, requesting clarification on whether it is true, we realized that the publication of the video, calling to blow up civilians in buses, consistent with the «community standards» of Facebook. No response was received.

After that we went to all our readers with a request to file a complaint with Facebook to publish the video of Hamas terrorists, calling for a new bus attacks. In addition, the editors appealed directly to the leadership of this social network in the U.S. and in the Facebook office in tel Aviv. In addition, we contacted the office of the head of the government of Israel, where we were soon informed that the information transferred to the Department of Foreign Affairs, working with the administration Facebook.

At 13:20 (Jerusalem) page of the radio station «Voice of al-Aqsa» in the social network Facebook was blocked.

We understand that Hamas video glorifying bus the attacks, may continue to spread in social networks. I hope that the administrators of these services will take the necessary measures to combat the spread of incitement to terror.

«Engineer» of Hamas, Yahya Ayache. Summary

Yahya Abd al-Latif Sati Ayache was born 6 March 1966 in the village of Rafat. He graduated from the chemistry faculty of the University of bir-Zeit. In 1988 he joined the ranks of the terrorist organization «Islamic resistance movement» (Hamas), was one of the founders and leaders of «Teams Izaddin al-kasama». Was mostly engaged in the development of explosive devices. Eventually became the chief instructor of the terrorists of Hamas in the manufacture and use of bombs. In particular, Ayache taught future suicide bombers and preparing the new «engineers». At the time of liquidation Yahya, Ayache was responsible for the deaths of more than 70 Israelis.

On 5 January 1996 Israeli special services have destroyed one of the most dangerous Palestinian terrorist leader and instructor of Hamas fighters of ajasa Yahya, better known by the nickname «the Engineer» (al-muhandis). Liquidation was made in response to a series of terrorist attacks carried out with the direct participation of the «Engineer».

About hunting of IASA and on their destruction in 1999, the year historian of the secret services of Samuel Kazam was written the book the Hunt For The Engineer. However, official sources still have not confirmed the information contained in this book.

It is known that the Ayache Yahya was killed in the explosion of the mobile phone, while in the Gaza strip. According to one version, the Motorola, which has been used by the Ayache on his last day, an agent of the Israeli secret service was laid plastic explosives, which detonated on a signal filed by a UAV, when Ayache were on the phone. It is not excluded that the security agencies used the relatives and friends of the elusive «Engineer».

In 2004, Syrian TV was filmed a series about the life and death of Yasha. This work was done on the money of the British sponsors, with the participation of Hamas headquarters in Damascus.

A partial list of the attacks made by the «Engineer»

06.04.1994 Afula. A car bomb crashed into a passenger bus. 8 dead, over 50 wounded

13.04.1994 Hadera. The a suicide bombing attack on a bus. 5 dead, nearly 40 wounded.

19.10.1994 Tel Aviv. The a suicide bombing attack on a bus. 22 dead, about 60 wounded.

22.01.1995 the Intersection of Beit Lid, near Netanya. Explosion on «soldier trempage»: 21 killed, 70 wounded.

09.04.1995 gush Katif (the Gaza strip). A car bomb crashed into a passenger bus. 8 dead, 40 wounded.

19.05.1995 Jerusalem. The a suicide bombing attack on a bus. About 50 wounded.

24.07.1995 Ramat Gan. The a suicide bombing attack on a bus. 6 dead, nearly 50 injured.

21.08.1995 Jerusalem. The a suicide bombing attack on a bus. 4 dead, about 50 wounded.

Elimination of ajasa not led to lower level of terror. Only in 1996, as a result of suicide bombings in buses (three in Jerusalem and one in Ashkelon) killed 70 Israelis, nearly 200 were injured.

Facebook blocked the page with the materials after Hamas calls Israelis 08.02.2016

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