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Facebook blocked the video about bus terror on the page of the TV channel «al-Aqsa»

On Tuesday evening, February 9, the administration of the social network Facebook unblocked the page with the video, praising the organizer of the bus bombings of Yahya YASA and calling for new attacks on the website of the TV channel «al-Aqsa», the Hamas-owned. The page itself «al-Aqsa», containing other extremist materials, not blocked.

The same video is displayed on the website of the radio station «Voice of al-Aksy». Although yesterday Facebook was blocked not just this video, but the page of this radio station as a whole.

We ask our readers to continue to submit complaints to the Hamas video. The link that says «Report video» here.

We understand that even if you delete the video may continue to spread in social networks. But it seems to us fundamentally important to convince the administration of Facebook in the inadmissibility of placement of such materials.

Editorial continues to consult directly with the leadership of Facebook in the U.S. and in the Facebook office in tel Aviv. In addition, we contacted the office of the head of the government of Israel and the Ministry of foreign Affairs with the request to use state measures to lock the pages of Hamas on Facebook.

The representative of the Israeli foreign Ministry Alon Lavi, told our correspondent that in the autumn of last year, amid increased Arab terror and terror propaganda on social networks, the Israeli foreign Ministry has begun negotiations with the leadership of Facebook, seeking to lock pages with extremist content. The last such meeting with one of the senior leaders was held on Facebook a few days ago. The Ministry is of the opinion that the leaders of Facebook are sympathetic to the problem, and hope that soon will be taken the decision in principle. However, the Israeli foreign Ministry thanked the citizens that organize public protests to remove extremist content from Facebook.

The TV channel «al-Aqsa» radio station «Voice of al-Aksy». Summary

Broadcasting company «al-Aqsa» was created by the terrorist organization Hamas in January 2006 after winning parliamentary elections. A license for broadcasting Hamas is not received. In a few weeks after the broadcast of the Prosecutor of the Palestinian authority Ahmad Marnie ordered the closing of al Aqsa, but that decision was not executed. And in June of 2007 as a result of armed coup, Hamas seized power in Gaza and refused to obey any laws and decrees of the Palestinian national authority to form its own government and courts.

The office of al Aqsa was destroyed twice by the Israeli air force: 29 December 2008 during anti-terrorist operation «Cast lead» and on July 29, 2014 during anti-terrorist operation «enduring rock». However, the broadcast was interrupted for a while.

Al-Aqsa broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, repeating transmission, stories and videos. Most of the materials are open propaganda of hatred against Israel and terror against Israelis.

Facebook blocked the video about bus terror on the page of the TV channel «al-Aqsa» 10.02.2016

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