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Facebook considers acceptable video of Hamas calling for the bus attacks

Sunday, February 7, pages «Brigades Izaddin al-kasama» (military wing of the terrorist organization Hamas) in social networks there was a new propaganda video glorifying one of the founders of this group of ajasa Yahya, liquidated over 20 years ago.

The ayache was the organizer of a series of bus attacks in the mid 90-ies. Clip and Hamas militants urged the jihadists to new attacks of this kind.

Editorial published a description of a video clip of terrorists, which was, in particular, posted on the website of the radio station «Voice of al-Aqsa» in the social network Facebook, and standard filed a complaint to the administration of Facebook, reporting the placement in this social network of material containing «a real threat of violence.» With similar complaints to the Facebook administration has addressed many of our readers.

All treatment was given the standard answer: «Thank you for taking the time and reported that he found the materials that don’t meet our community Standards. Such complaints are an important part of turning Facebook in a safe and friendly space. We checked the video that you complained for promoting the image of scenes of violence, and found that it did not violate our Community Standards. Let us know if you see something that does not suit you. We want Facebook remains safe and enjoyable place for all.»

Editorial again appealed to the administration of Facebook, requesting clarification on whether it is true, we realized that the publication of the video, calling to blow up civilians in buses, consistent with the «community standards» of Facebook. Response yet to be received.

We ask all our readers to find a minute of time and file a complaint with Facebook to publish the video of Hamas terrorists, calling for a new bus attacks. It can be done here is a link that says «Report video».

We understand that even if you delete the video may continue to spread in social networks. But it seems to us fundamentally important to convince the administration of Facebook in the inadmissibility of placement of such materials.

Facebook considers acceptable video of Hamas calling for the bus attacks 08.02.2016

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