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«Family net»: the Tax administration website has a calculator credits

In connection with the increase of the preferential tax units («Nekudot sikui») for working parents within the framework of the initiated by the Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlana program «Family net», the IRS posted on its website a special calculator to calculate credits for 2017-2018. The calculator takes into account the increase in the number of preferential tax units in the program and their equalization for men and women.

Knowing the number of «Nekudot sikui», it is possible to calculate what income tax will be deducted from the salary, the calculator taxes. For this purpose, the tax calculator it is necessary to choose in 2017, enter received on the previous calculator, the number of preferential tax units and their wages («gross»). Note that the calculator is programmed according to the accepted in Israel: a fraction of a whole is separated by a dot, not a comma.

«After reduction of fees and funding reforms extended day groups, tens of thousands of working families got a new nice gift from the program «Family net» in its payroll — said the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon. — The «Family net» helps working families, stimulates the return of parents of young children to the labour market, promote equality of opportunity, but most importantly, she sees the citizens are people, not soulless numbers. We aim to relieve the burden of young families in the most difficult time for them, and give them a break».

«Family net»: the Tax administration website has a calculator credits 03.07.2017

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