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Felled plum tree from the Warsaw ghetto gets a second life

Plum tree from the Warsaw ghetto that survived world war II and were uprooted in December of last year , freeing up space for the construction of an apartment house, got a chance for a second life.

About it writes on Wednesday, may 10, the Polish newspaper «Wyborcza».

The seeds of this tree, which is called the Syrian plum or mirabelles growing up in Warsaw on the street Gross, 12 years ago, took to his Washington Polish immigrants, spouses Alicia and Wojciech Fisica. They grew from the seeds to seedlings and give them to the poles, who will plant a tree to his former place.

About this slive wrote Polish journalist of Jewish origin Krall Khan in his book on the Warsaw ghetto. After the war, the local children were brought to the foot of beads that littered the streets near the looted Jewish shops.

Seedlings will bring to Poland the artist Patricia Dolby, which expresses the hope that customs officers will miss this touching and very symbolic goods.

Felled plum tree from the Warsaw ghetto gets a second life 10.05.2017

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