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Festive week of Passover is the best time for rejuvenation and transformation

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Spring is a time of transformation and blossoming, and the festive week of Passover is the best time to reach them. After the procedure of Face Tite on one of the days of Passover, after the holiday you return to normal activities and work much younger.

After seeing the impressive results of aesthetic transformation in the form of wrinkles, skin tightening and overall facial rejuvenation, clients often ask us how all this is possible only in 1 procedure? Today we will try to explain you the procedures people when they face time a simple and accessible language.

People when they face time is a special technology, acting on the basis of the device BodyTite. The device has a special attachment, consisting of two electrodes. Through microscopic punctures the internal electrode is inserted under the skin, and the external electrode moves parallel to the inner, sliding on the surface of the skin. Under the influence of the electrodes, the skin warms up to established physician in temperature, which leads to its reduction and immediate lifting. Further exposure of the electrodes contributes to the running process for the production of collagen and elastin, which leads to an immediate increase in elasticity and firmness of the skin. It should be noted that the started process of rejuvenation does not stop at the end of the procedure, and continued for about 3 months, strengthening and perpetuating the effect.

Therefore, facial rejuvenation and skin tightening method people when they face time are caused by natural functions of the body, and the effect often exceeds all expectations:

instant result

— severe tightening of the skin

— elimination of fat

— smoothing of wrinkles

— increase of elasticity and elasticity of the skin

— return definition of contours and oval of the face

— strengthening effect within 3 months after the procedure

In Israel, the procedure of rejuvenation by the method of Face Tite holds Dr. Anne Gurevich – the only one in Israel, the instructor of the international class of the company INVASIX – developer of the method — and one of the few surgeons in the world with experience of conducting thousands of such procedures.

For more information and an appointment I Dr. Ann Gurevich, call 050-336-1999 or use our contact form.

To know more details about the procedure and see the pictures of «before» and «after» here.

In connection with the special demand for the procedure during the festive week of Passover, the number enrolled is limited.

Russian-speaking page for Dr. Anne Gurevich on Facebook.

Festive week of Passover is the best time for rejuvenation and transformation

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