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Fighters with corruption has not allowed the legal adviser of the government to read the prayer for the dead

On Saturday evening, January 20, a group of participants of anti-corruption demonstrations, came to the synagogue in Petah Tikva, where he was legal adviser to the government away Mandelblit. It is reported that in the moment when Mandelblit with other worshippers went outside to say prayers, which they say under the open sky, the activists began to shout slogans of protest. «You have wrecked our state,» they shouted. Some of the worshippers had entered into a verbal argument with the protesters, and broke the loud incident. Away Mandelblit refused to read «Kaddish» in memory of his recently deceased mother and left the scene of the incident. According to some reports, he was removed from there by the security guard of the Ministry of justice, according to others, had left the synagogue accompanied by his wife.

One of the participants took part in earlier demonstrations near the house Mandelblit. The organizer of these demonstrations Eldad Yaniv said: «I have nothing to do with this incident and has not commented on the incident, which had nothing».

Justice Minister Ayelet shaked said: «the last time we see the transition of all red lines that separate legitimate protests from unlawful. Attack on the Sabbath and persecution in the synagogue is the violence and hooliganism in the truest sense of the words.»

The head of the parliamentary opposition, Isaac Herzog said: «I am shocked by the callousness and the callousness of those who interfere with the legal adviser of the government say the Kaddish for his deceased mother. Even the Holy place for every freedom demonstrations there are lines you cannot cross.»

The Chairman of the «Zionist camp» AVI Gabay said, «There is nothing in common between the extremists, preventing to pray legal adviser to the government, and fight corruption. Rather, the opposite.»

The speaker of the Knesset also condemned the participants of the incident in Petah Tikva. «The prosecution of legal adviser to the government at the moment when he was saying Kaddish for my mother is barbaric and bullying, deserving condemnation».

We will add that in the next «anti-corruption rally» held in tel Aviv, was attended by more than 700 people.

Fighters with corruption has not allowed the legal adviser of the government to read the prayer for the dead 21.01.2018

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