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Filed a bill to increase the number of Knesset members

According to information of the 2nd channel ITV in the Knesset submitted a bill to increase the number of Knesset members. The bill was drafted by MP from the party «yaadut Torah» URI Maclevel. And, according to the channel, it was supported by the Chairman of the parliamentary coalition David Beaton.

In the plot of the channel was noted that David Beaton recently, several times raised the question on necessity of expansion of the Parliament. Beaton referred to in this recommendation, the Israeli Institute of democracy and even intended to personally submit such a bill.

In the Preface to his bill URI Maklev explains why this step is necessary. He points out that the number of parliamentarians was established 70 years ago, when I lived in Israel a little more than 600 thousand people, today the population has exceeded 8 million, while the number of deputies has not changed: as in the time of the creation of the state Parliament of 120 people. Compare the Jewish state with other parliamentary republics also would not be in favor of Israel. For example, in Finland, where the population is 5.5 million people, the Parliament comprises 200 members.

URI Maklev recalls that in the years since the formation of the first Knesset, has also changed the function of deputies and increased the load on them. In the Knesset there are about 20 committees and a large number of sub-committees, at the head of each of which is someone of the deputies. In addition, some parliamentarians have the Ministerial portfolios, which also distracts them from participating in plenary meetings.

The author of the bill believes that the increase in the number of deputies on 20 people will make the Knesset more effective.

Note that in June 2017 Professor Manuel Trachtenberg, founder of the National Council for Economics, a former head of the Commission for planning and budget of the Council for higher education, gave an interview, in which he also talked about the need for expanding the membership of the Knesset. «In the Knesset there are approximately 20 committees. 30 deputies from the coalition «neutralized», as they are Ministers, Deputy Ministers and so on. And the opposition, and the coalition simply don’t have enough people in order to work effectively in committees. Add to that the different conferences and forums. MPs rush through the building, trying to keep up everywhere. It’s not serious, it can not work… I one day can take part in the work of the four commissions, as well as in three or four forums and conferences. Tell me, can people serious to Express his opinion on any issue at such a pace? It’s unthinkable.», he said.

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Filed a bill to increase the number of Knesset members 23.06.2017

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