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Finance Minister Kahlon called for the meeting of the Board of the «Histadrut»

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon visited at the invitation of the Chairman of the Histadrut AVI Nissenkorn meeting of the Board of the «Histadrut».

The Minister of Finance was present at the weekly Board meeting, which is attended by the heads of all the factions in the leadership of the «Histadrut» and the people holding responsible positions in the Federation of trade unions of Israel.

Opening the meeting, AVI Nissenkorn Kahlon thanked Moshe for the fact that he was graced by the Board of the «Histadrut». AVI Nissenkorn presented the structure of the organization and their view on the rights of the working man in Israel, the labor market and Israeli society.

Niangoran Kahlon said that «the Histadrut» welcomes his activity as Minister of Finance, who operates with full responsibility, the pursuit of equality and care for the weak.» He added: «the Ministry of Finance worked to create a healthy and competitive economy, but, simultaneously, allows a working person with dignity to earn a living. The economy now is calm, I have been in many years, thanks to the cooperation between the «Histadrut» and the Ministry of Finance on issues such as raising the minimum wage, integration in the companies and institutions working through contractors , and the signing of a framework agreement, keeping in the budgetary framework of the decent income workers in General and poor workers in particular».

Niangoran commended Kahlon reduction in the cost of living and emphasized that the Histadrut supports economic reform, but believes that they should be rationally taking into consideration the protection of the rights of workers. Further Nissenkorn said: «For many years the Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Histadrut opposed each other, but today we are working in cooperation — and all parties benefit. I wish us all to continue on this path in the name of Israeli society «.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon said, «When we talk about reducing social inequalities and redress the imbalances that have existed for many years, I see in the «Histadrut» and the head of the allies, not opponents, as it was in the past. We were partners in the integration process 15 thousand workers employed through contractors, while signing two months ago of the differential wage agreement, we will be partners and continue in the important and large processes. As we worked towards the reform of ports will work in reforming the Electric company, and wherever it is needed. In the state of Israel it is time to make decisions and it’s time to stop being afraid. I thank the Chairman of the «Histadrut» for the invitation and warm welcome «.

Finance Minister Kahlon called for the meeting of the Board of the «Histadrut» 09.02.2016

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