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Financial Times: a IG in Syria and Iraq $ 900 million a year

Access to the oil fields and tax levies from the population living in the territories of Syria and Iraq, allow the militants of the terrorist organization «Islamic state» spend hundreds of millions of dollars on military spending, writes the newspaper the Financial Times publishes investigation of the origin of the income of the IG and their ongoing costs.

In the publication it is alleged that last year, the IG received about $ 900 million through the sale of oil, extortion from the population and embezzlement. About two-thirds of «earned» money was spent on military expenditures. Of these, approximately $ 20 million were allocated to Finance the main battle group, consisting mainly of foreign mercenaries. From 15 to 20 million were directed to financing of local fighters affiliated to ISIS, writes the FT.

According to the authors of the publication, to conduct offensive operations of IG requires approximately 1 million dollars a week on ammo.

It is also noted that the security leaders of the IG spent 10 to 15 million dollars a month.

TASS, quoting this publication also brings data «calculation sheet» one of the militants, in which the dimensions relying cash rewards. The authenticity of the document confirmed eight people who fled from the ranks of the IG. All fighters receive basic salary in the amount of 50-150 dollars a month, until they pass probation allegiance to the ideas of the group. The local fighters who have proven their loyalty, usually get 200-300 dollars a month, with foreign mercenaries paid over $ 600.

Financial Times: a IG in Syria and Iraq $ 900 million a year 16.12.2015

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