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Financial Times: Syria accuses U.S. of waging a «war on attrition of the enemy»

«One of the main advisers of President Bashar al-Assad insisted that his government holds the policy of restoration of full control over the war-torn Syria and accuses US of conducting a «war of attrition of the enemy» – Eric Solomon in the Financial Times.

The U.S. «does not intend to end the Syrian conflict and to wage a war of attrition the enemy with the Syrian people and the Syrian army,» said in an interview with the FT of Bouthaina Shaaban, Assad’s adviser for political Affairs and public relations. «We are confident [in ourselves], we’re here. No we will not eradicate», she said.

The destruction of the Syrian aircraft – the first aircraft of the coalition during the six-year civil war, she said, «How they justify it to their people and the world? It sends US in one camp with the terrorists – because the destruction of the Syrian aircraft on hand only the terrorist.»

«Shaaban rejected claims that the downed Syrian plane was hitting too close to Kurdish troops, and said that Syrian planes coordinate their mission with Russia, which was «deconfliction channel» of communication with the American forces (since closed by Moscow, according to her),» – said in the article.

Shaaban said that the Syrian forces seized the territory to the Iraqi border, seeking to take the highway Damascus-Baghdad, to bring about the revival of Syrian-Iraqi trade.

«It is absolutely unacceptable that the US is trying to prevent any contacts and direct geographical contact between Syria and Iraq that is economically necessary for our people,» said Shaaban.

She also rejected the idea of decentralized governance in post-war Syria, which is sympathetic to the Syrian opposition, and the Kurds, writes Solomon.

«We participated in this whole war to be who decides what is the fate of Syria in the future. We are definitely not going to let anyone something to impose on us,» said Shaaban, and expressed confidence that the government’s position is strong, although he acknowledged that the battle is far from over. On the day of her interview for the FT, the rebels launched rocket attacks on Damascus.

«This last day might come soon, – she told about the victory of the Assad regime. But life will continue and we will continue to make every effort to restore normal life in our cities and villages».

Financial Times: Syria accuses U.S. of waging a «war on attrition of the enemy» 27.06.2017

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