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Financial Times: Turkey and Saudi Arabia have concerns about intervention in Syria

Sam Jones, Eric Solomon, and Jeff Dyer

The US is trying to keep its allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia from the beginning of military action in Syria if the ceasefire scheduled for today, will be broken, write the journalists of the Financial Times, Sam Jones, Eric Solomon, and Jeff Dyer. Western powers fear conflict escalation and confrontation with Russia.

«If they deployed troops there? No, if we manage to prevent,» said an unnamed senior NATO diplomat.

According to two Western diplomats, Turkey wants to build at its border buffer zone «deep few kilometers» to delay the expansion of the Kurdish militias in Syria. In this area will potentially be able to breathe freely and moderate Syrian rebels, which were pressing forces of Russia and Assad.

According to the Syrian opposition, several leaders of moderate rebels in recent days met with the military to develop plans for the potential deployment of the «Islamic coalition» in the North of Syria.

Turkey is unlikely to make a direct intervention without the consent of the United States. But she continues to ignore the insurgents to the fields of battle. «According to activists based in Syria, on Thursday night several hundred militants crossed the border near the areas controlled by the Kurds,» — said in the article. («Two sources told the Financial Times that in one night no less than 400 Islamic militants with the support of Turkey have entered Syria, in the region that are fighting Detachments of people’s self-defense. Turkish officials have not responded to a request for comment,» says the FT in a different material — «Turkey warns Russia in connection with the attack in Ankara». — Approx. ed.)

Saudi Arabia fears that is rapidly losing its influence on the course of the civil war in Syria and potential peace talks, because the weight of Iran is increasing day by day.

«One regional diplomat said that Riyadh is considering the deployment of troops as a precondition of maintaining influence not only in Syria but in Washington,» the article says.

According to some officials, the Saudis are considering the idea of operations in the South-East of Syria, possibly in order to support Jordanian forces.

Anyway, Adel al-Jubayr, the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, said that the special forces of Saudi Arabia and the UAE can intervene in the Syrian conflict only in the framework of operation under the leadership of the United States.

«Washington in any case, plans in the coming months to expand operations against ISIL in Syria,» the newspaper claims.

It is possible to increase the supply of weapons to the moderate rebels.

«The key task is to force Russia to pay a high price, but it’s hard to say how we would be able to achieve this», — said a senior European politician who is skeptical about the project of a truce.

Financial Times: Turkey and Saudi Arabia have concerns about intervention in Syria 19.02.2016

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