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Firm «Meir Zohar and partners»: check your rights to receive cash payments on insurance policies

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Citizens of Israel, recognized by the national insurance Institute the national insurance Institute disabled have benefits, which often do not even know. We are talking about amounts that can reach up to several thousand shekels per month.

For example, a person who suffered a stroke or heart attack, or does it have some other cardiac problem, get metapelet (a nurse) from «bituah Leumi» several times a week. You can also assume that this person through a health insurance feature of collective insurance, including insurance for long-term care – «bituah side». Payment of premiums for this insurance are made through the health insurance Fund («kupaty Holim»). Since insurance companies often do not receive insurance policies customers, the customer may not be aware that his insurance policy includes «national insurance siudi».

Law firm «Meir Zohar and companions» specializiruetsya on lawsuits against insurance companies that deny payments to clients suffering from various diseases and forced to be dependent on outside help. Firm «Meir Zohar and partners» works with a number of medical experts and experienced professionals in the field of orthopedics, geriatrics, rehabilitation, neurology, family medicine, pain medicine, and others. Our lawyers have experience in reading the «fine print» in insurance policies long-term care facilities, and on account, our company won many cases against insurance companies.


Boris, a member of the health insurance Fund Clalit, moved 5 years ago, a stroke, and it can move only in a wheelchair and needs help, in particular to Boris it is difficult to dress and bathe. He put the nurse from «bituah Leumi». Boris turned to our law office with the request to help increase the number of hours for care. When checking the documents Boris had installed, he also put the monetary payments from the insurance company in which he is insured through the sick Fund. So we helped Boris to achieve monthly payments from the insurance company in the amount of 3,500 NIS. per month for 5 years.

From Shoshanna, older women at the age of 90 years, which in 2008 suffered from Alzheimer’s, was an interesting case. Her family was mistakenly canceled the insurance «national insurance siudi» that it was concluded through health insurance «Meuhedet». After checking the documents Shoshanna our lawyer has determined that the cancellation was made at a time when she was already ill with Alzheimer’s. So we went to the insurance company and asked to retroactively recognize all the required permissions. As a result, Shoshanna received a one-time payment in the amount of 250,000 NIS.

A., a member of the health insurance Fund «Clalit», in 2013, became ill with Parkinson’s disease, and «Leumi» acknowledged her need of long-term care after a nurse from the relevant Department checked her residence and recorded that A. it is difficult to independently dress, wash and eat.

A. appealed to our office so we can check rely if she as in need of nursing care, additional payments. After a short examination revealed that she was insured by health insurance Fund «Clalit», and for 15 years pays «bituah side».

After submitting the claim to the insurance company, she was awarded a monthly allowance of 5,000 shekels for six years, in addition to due to help from «bituah Leumi».

If your life is such a case, we strongly recommend to verify the right to compensation in addition to providing «bituah Leumi» assistance. Our staff is ready to answer any question concerning «the national insurance side».

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday, from 8:30 to 18:30.

For the purpose of the first meeting for consultation call: 03-5622772.

Our website:

Meir Zohar was born in tel Aviv in 1994 he graduated from the law faculty of tel Aviv University and since 1995, began to practice law.

Law firm «Lawyer of Meir Zohar and partners» was founded in 1997 and is one of the oldest and most experienced in Israel. The main area of work is filing lawsuits against insurance companies in case of refusal of payments under policies of long-term care («side»).

In 2001, in recognition of the magazine «a-Proclaim» («Lawyers»), the firm has won recognition and evaluation in the «List of the century» among the leading companies in the field demand compensation for damages.

Firm «Meir Zohar and partners»: check your rights to receive cash payments on insurance policies 22.05.2017

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