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Fisherman Putin released the fry of fish into the lake and caught under water pike in Tuva. VIDEO

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a visit to the Baikal state nature biosphere reserve and the subsequent trip to Tuva discussed the problems of fisheries and had fun fishing.

«The head of state took part in a graduation ceremony at the Baikal omul juveniles. About 50 thousand fingerlings raised in cages by the method of industrial fish farming to maintain the biodiversity of the fish fauna of the deepest lake on the planet. Stocking of lake Baikal is carried out regularly on the basis of state-private partnership», – said the press service of the Kremlin.

Putin then went to Tuva, where he organized the fishing trip. The President fished in a mountain lake not only spinning, but also took part in spear fishing for pike, dressed in a special suit and armed with a gun for underwater hunting. The mask Putin was assigned to a GoPro camera and filmed his video camera, and camera operators, watching the President.

According to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin two hours «chasing the sun».

Whether or not this statement is true, hard to say. But, according to the footage, filmed with a GoPro camera and published by the TV channel «Zvezda», no resistance pike has not had in some moment a dead fish, impaled on the harpoon, just get in the hands of Putin, and he spent some time on the water sailing with her to the pier.

Footage of this «spearfishing», shot by the operator, and published by the Russia Today TV channel. On the recording you hear, Putin said that he managed to shoot pike in the second attempt. «Serious passengers» – talking about the production satellites of the President.

«The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has shown good physical shape during his short vacation,» writes about the short rest 64-year-old Russian leader RIA Novosti.

Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that he loves fishing more than hunting. In 2013, Tuva, he set a personal record, having caught a pike weighing 21 kg, was reported by the Kremlin press service.

Fisherman Putin released the fry of fish into the lake and caught under water pike in Tuva. VIDEO 05.08.2017

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