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«Five minutes before the Third world?» Review of the Russian media

Russian TV channels «First», STS, REN TV, «TNT Comedy», «Rain» and «Nostalgia» filed in the U.S. District court for the southern district of new York a class action lawsuit against American relays, including Infomir, Panorama TV, Goodzone. TV, the newspaper «Kommersant». The plaintiffs claim that these companies extend Russian channels of illegal, reducing the price of their packages up to $5-15 $30-50 official.

The defendants «intercepted the satellite signal» broadcasters in violation of the law and distribute it in the U.S. for a monthly fee, using trademarks channels for promotional purposes, says the lawsuit. Sites accept electronic payments, then the caller is prompted to download IPTV-player or install a set-top box. The plaintiffs are asking the court to set the site owners, to stop the illegal retransmission of the contents and to reimburse material damage. Assessment of damages in a lawsuit is not given, it is noted only that it is greater than $75 thousand

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said in an interview that «to effectively counter terrorism is possible only together, on a solid basis of international law with the Central coordinating role of the UN, without «double standards». According to the Minister, a series of bombings of Islamic state»clearly showed that in today’s interdependent world, the desire to create a separate «oasis of security», fenced off from the adjacent turbulent regions is not feasible».

«Today, we must put aside ambitions and differences and with no linkages and no preconditions to unite for the defeat of ISIS and other extremist groups, defying the human civilization» – quotes words of the Minister of the same magazine.

The lawsuit against the government of Ukraine, through higher taxes intended to make British oil company JKX Oil & Gas Plc. As reported on Monday, the news Agency TASS, the head of the company Tom reed confirmed that the conflict actually exists. According to British media reports, in court, the company expects to charge Ukraine us $ 270 million. Chapter JKX Oil & Gas Plc explained that this amount reflects the amount of funds that were overpaid in taxes.

North Korea declared a period of «70-day battle», which is dated to the 7th Congress of the workers ‘ party of Korea (WPK). During this time period, which started on 23rd February, all organizations, institutions, companies took on additional obligations, promising to dedicate these achievements to the party Congress, which will be held in the DPRK for the first time in 36 years, writes «the Russian newspaper».

«All our people in unison, each in his place of work or study, decided to intensify efforts to achieve success, to fulfill and to exceed the party’s plans,» explained a North Korean official.

«Nezavisimaya Gazeta» published an article titled «In Germany, it seems, begins witch-hunt», which States: «attempts to attract intelligence agencies to combat Russian journalists have little to do with freedom of expression».

According to the German press, the German intelligence service BND and the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (German counter-intelligence), on behalf of the German government was checking whether Russia resorted to the methods of the Soviet KGB with the aim to influence political debate and public opinion in Germany. We are talking about methods of disinformation, in which the cold war was called «active measures».

In recent weeks there is increasing evidence that Russia deliberately seeks to influence Germany. The governments of Eastern European countries and then claim that Moscow is aiming uses state media to sow discord among Europeans.

Writer-patriot Alexander Prokhanov talks about the future of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in the newspaper «Izvestia». In the article titled «to Love people, to fear God,» he writes, «Ramzan Kadyrov said that he intends to resign as President of Chechnya. So it really irritates Moscow liberals? Does he not understand that for his people he’s not just a Manager, and spiritual leader. Ramzan, take your time to go!»

Picked up a raging Kadyrov Chechen reality and turned her from suffering, from the lack of understanding in historical creativity. Today in Chechnya, the idea of the Russian state almost cult. Chechnya is inseparable from the Russian state, part of the Russian state. The idea of powers, multinational, multicultural, multireligious society has infiltrated the Chechen philosophy and ideology. Each nation, say the Chechens, precious. Every nation is state-forming.

On the other hand, our liberals are sharpening their tongues, their pens, accusing Chechnya in violation of human rights. Proven method. This strategy came to the middle East gangs of invaders looted Tripoli, Baghdad. These attacks today’s Chechnya is fighting back. Don’t want to think that Ramzan Kadyrov will leave his post when we are surrounded by countless enemies.»

Komsomolskaya Pravda publishes an article by political scientist George Bovt, which is called «five minutes before the Third world?», where he analyzes the situation in Syria.

«It may seem that the ceasefire has come at the wrong time, not allowing government forces to build on the successes in the North and the South supported by the Russian VKS. This incorrect interpretation. On the one hand, the agreement became possible thanks to the actions of the Russian VC that allowed Assad to build on the successes on the battlefield. Those who fight against Damascus, better to talk from a position of strength, another language they don’t understand. On the other hand, after 5 years of war Assad’s army is depleted, the onset was slow and could choke. Agreement, deducing from the battle (at least temporarily) so-called «moderates», otvlekavshie considerable force of government troops, you can focus now on the beats on such formidable opponents as «Dzhabhat-EN-Nusra» and IG.

«Five minutes before the Third world?» Review of the Russian media 29.02.2016

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