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FlightGlobal: Israeli defense Ministry has eased restrictions on the export of UAVs

A dedicated website FlightGlobal publishes aviation news, citing a source in the Israeli defence industry reports that in recent months, the defense Ministry of Israel eased tight restrictions on exports of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which were introduced earlier.

It is noted that the change in the policy of the Ministry of defence of Israel due to growing competition in the UAV market and the desire to make products Israeli companies more competitive in the international arena.

According to the source FlightGlobal, it is now possible to obtain licenses for exports to countries that previously were in the list of States where such supplies were prohibited. Moreover, it became possible to export system, which «never dreamed of.» Simplified and requirements for the transfer of technology to the buyer.

The publication does not name specific unmanned systems, manufacturers and importers.

The Ministry of defence refused to comment on the editorial this publication FlightGlobal.

A leading Russian expert on unmanned aircraft technology, the chief editor of the specialized website Denis Fedutinov in an interview with gave the following comment: «In terms of the technical characteristics of Israeli weapons systems and military equipment, I can say that, for example, supplied by Israel in a number of countries in the unmanned aircraft systems were deprived of a number of key functions related to their military applications. I think that is what potential customers will be able to get the system into a configuration that more interesting. In addition, certain to expand the range of available delivery systems. With regard to possible deliveries, their geography, and so very broad, so I do not think that the increase in the number of customers will be significant in quantitative terms. However, there may be some paying customers. As an illustration one of the possible directions you can remember the story was planned a few years ago the supply of unmanned systems Dominator development of the Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems to UAE. Then she was, apparently, precisely because of the occurring limitations.»

According to a report by the Dutch consulting firm ASD, in 2016, the market turnover of military unmanned aerial vehicles was 8.5 billion dollars. Major players in this market are three American corporations – Industries AeroVironment, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Northrop Grumman, and two Israeli concern – «Israeli aircraft industries» (IAI, TAA) and «Maarachot’s». It is projected that by 2022, the turnover of military UAV market will grow to 13.7 billion dollars.

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FlightGlobal: Israeli defense Ministry has eased restrictions on the export of UAVs 02.02.2017

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