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Florida 10-year-old with autism handcuffed at school

The school city of Okeechobee (Florida, USA) police arrested and handcuffed 10-year-old boy who suffers from autism, after his arrest a child without parents spent the night at the police station, reports the newspaper The Washington Post.

10-year-old John Benjamin Haygood, which two years ago was diagnosed with autism, he studied in a special program. Had been individual caregiver with whom the relationship did not work: the boy complained that this man sometimes causes him pain. But the school administration did not change the caregiver. 27 November 2016 John behaved badly at a lesson, thrown into a students paper balls at the teacher to leave the class he refused, the teacher tried to bring him out, and then the boy punched and scratched his mentor.

According to the boy’s mother Luanne Heygood, no one informed her that in connection with this incident, the court issued a warrant for the arrest of the child.

She says that the police came to the school, along with her child was summoned to the private office where John was handcuffed, despite the fact that he cried and begged not to be touched. The boy shouted that he did not understand what was happening, his mother explained that the child is autistic, but the police arrested John and took him to a cell for minors, denying the mother the right to travel with the child.

Luanne recorded the beatings with a mobile phone camera. Then she posted this entry on the social network Facebook. The publication drew the attention of not only American, but also Mexican and Russian media (Russia Today, RIA Novosti).

In connection with this incident is under investigation, to verify the legitimacy of police actions.

Florida 10-year-old with autism handcuffed at school 21.04.2017

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