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Focus has published a forecast of Vanga: the Islamic Caliphate with its capital in Rome, to the year 2043

This Monday, 14 December, the German magazine Focus has published one of the predictions of prophetess Vanga. This blind woman living in a village in Bulgaria twenty years ago foresaw «great Islamic war».

Her prognosis is not too optimistic from the point of view of Europeans. «Bulgarian Nostradamus» claimed that 2016 will be crucial for Europe, which by the middle of this century will cease to exist: part of its territory will turn into a desert as a result of the use of chemical weapons, and the remaining areas by the year 2043 will be under the rule of the Caliphate, whose capital will be Rome.

Confirmation of this prediction, as noted in the article, translated by InoPressa, is lined with the «Islamic state» video, where the terrorists are holding at gunpoint the Roman Coliseum. However, in the year 2066, according to Wang, the West would retaliate – the U.S. will use against the Islamists a new type of weapon.

«Although many refer to the predictions of Vanga with suspicion, the accuracy of its predictions is about 85%, which is considerably higher than that of many other visionaries,» said the author of the material. recalls that Wang first attracted attention during the Second world war, when it was determined the location of the missing at the war of people, and the place of their death and burial.

Wang, also had the ability in diagnosis and predicted course of the disease, directing their visitors to healers or doctors who could help them. Separately it is noted that often these healers did not know and spoke of them thus: in a certain town lives a man.

In 1967, Wang became a state employee and to receive official salary of 200 leva per month. A visit to her cost to citizens of the socialist block 10 of the lions for the citizens of Western States – 50 dollars.

Shortly before his death Wang said that the Earth is visited by alien ships from planet «Vamfim», «third Earth», and the meeting with another civilization will take place in 200 years.

Focus has published a forecast of Vanga: the Islamic Caliphate with its capital in Rome, to the year 2043 14.12.2015

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