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For anti-Semitism dismissed one of the leaders of the labour party Jacqueline Walker

One of the most influential activists of the British labour party Jacqueline (Jackie) Walker was suspended from party activities for anti-Semitic statements on his page in Facebook, writes the BBC.

Walker, Vice-Chairman of the movement Momentum, wrote in February of this year about «African Holocaust» and about the role of Jews in it, as «the main financiers of the trade in sugar and slaves».

The leadership of the labour party announced that in connection with an invalid statement Walker is under investigation.

Earlier it was reported that the leadership of the labour party secretly was suspended from party activities 50 activists, indulging in anti-Semitic and racist remarks. The article political commentator of the Daily Telegraph, Kate McCann it was noted that the decision to dismiss anti-Semites and racists from participating in the activities of the labour party caused by the desire to overcome the party crisis. The author, citing its own sources in the environment of labour writes that after the election of Jeremy Corbin to the post of Chairman of the labour party in her noticeable influx of activists who hold extreme leftist views.

According to commentators, the measures in respect of 50 party activists are only «the tip of the iceberg». Although Sam Corbin in an interview with the Daily Mirror though, and recognized the existence of the problem, stressed that the scope should not be exaggerated.

On 2 may, the Telegraph newspaper wrote that the leadership of the labour party opened an investigation against two members of the party Council, Salim Mullah Ilyas and Aziz, which was published in the social network Facebook openly anti-Semitic texts. In particular, Ilyas Aziz, who is an active supporter of Jeremy Corbin, and their picture featured on the official website of the party, the «post» in the social network of the offensive images, urges Jews «to stop drinking the blood of the people of Gaza» and calls them «Zionist invaders.» In 2014, he claimed that until 1948, when it was created the state of Israel, Jews and Palestinians lived in peace and harmony. Aziz believes that it would be right to establish a Jewish state in USA that allows you to do it. «If the Israelis really want to destroy the terrorists, why not start with yourself?» – resulted in the publication the words of Aziz, who, however, refuses to call himself an anti-Semite.

His colleague Salim Mulla claimed that Israel created terrorist group «Islamic state». He also published the text of a statement by member of Parliament from the same party Called the Shah, calling «carry» the Jewish state in the United States, and free the land return to the rightful owners – the Palestinians. The Mullah calls Israel «a terrorist state», reminds us that France and Japan were attacked ISIS after he offered to help Palestine and refers in this case to own «informed» sources.

The Chairman of the labour party Jeremy Corbin facing investigation in connection with the inability to cope with spiralling scandal and allegations that his party supposedly has no problems with the Jewish question.

Recall that the «Palestinian festival for children and education», which aired last week, the TV channel Hamas has already called the press «a festival of hatred», was funded by the British charity Interpal, enjoys the support of the leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn. The banner logo of this organization was clearly visible on the frame, where Palestinian children portrayed the killing of Jews. On the video, which is posted on the newspaper’s website, 7-year-old girl in a hijab «stabs» the knife two boys of the same age, dressed in the uniform of IDF soldiers, who in response to «shoot» her with a toy guns – to the applause and the cheers of the crowd. Then a boy dressed like a terrorist, shooting soldiers from a semi-automatic rifle.

The British charity Commission said that the investigation of this case he considers to be his top priority. The office of the Corbin refused to comment on these revelations.

Telegraph wrote, citing its own sources, that Interpal donated to the «festival of hatred» organized by the University College of applied Sciences in Gaza city, is 6,800 pounds. Corbin spoke at a meeting of Interpal fundraisers and appeared in the promotional video of this organization.

That Corbin, the head of the opposition of the labour party, calls «the other Britain» leader of the Muslim community of London Muhammad Kozbar, which accuses the foreign Ministry of his country in the emergence of ISIS, calls for the destruction of Israel, funds associated with Hamas foundations like Interpal and glorify extremist Yusuf al-Qaradawi member of the Islamist organization «Muslim brotherhood», the Telegraph wrote in April of this year. Corbin at least fifteen times met with Cosmorom, who heads the Finsbury Park mosque, and called him «legendary».

Jeremy Corbyn argued in 2003 in an article published by the Morning Star newspaper that the attacks of 9/11 were used by the US and Britain to justify the invasion of Afghanistan. «Historians are to study manipulation in the press over the past year and a half. After 11 September, the media instantly and very loudly declared that this crime was committed by al-Qaeda and bin Laden, which led to the attack on the Taliban regime change in Afghanistan,» the Telegraph quoted the article Corbin.

Shortly before the election Corbin Chairman of the labour party, the press was reminded that he called a «tragedy» the elimination of Osama bin Laden and the fact that he will not be able to appear before the court in the case of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In addition, the current labour leader called «friends» of the terrorist group Hamas and Hizbullah, as well as defending the Anglican priest who spread in a network of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. He also publicly supported the arms embargo and the academic boycott of Israel.

For anti-Semitism dismissed one of the leaders of the labour party Jacqueline Walker 05.05.2016

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