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For new immigrants, the simplified procedure of confirmation of a driver’s license

Sunday, August 13, entered into force new rules for issuing a driving licence to new immigrants, Israelis have returned to the country after a long absence, and foreign workers and foreign nationals.

The press service of the Ministry of transport reports that a driver’s license for driving a car, motorcycle or tractor you can get, not passing the practical driving test («test»). Enough to have a driver’s license, which was really in a foreign country for at least 5 years. It should be a document granting the right to manage the above mentioned categories of transport.Until today, in order to confirm that foreign driver’s license in Israel, the above-mentioned category of citizens had to pass a practical exam of driving.

The period of validity of driver’s license for new immigrants and citizens with the status of «returning resident hoser» will be similar to the validity of the usual Israeli right.

In accordance with the new rules, the period of validity of driving permits of foreign employees and foreign citizens will be extended to 5 years, in accordance with the term of validity of the visa to reside in Israel. The condition for this is having a driver’s license from a foreign country, is valid for 5 years and more. Previously, foreign nationals and employees and their employers were obliged to arrive at the offices of the Department of motor vehicles several times a year in order to renew a driver’s license. Now this should be done only once.

Transport Minister Yisrael Katz said: «we are Talking about a significant simplification of procedures for obtaining the necessary drivers documents. This innovation will save tens of thousands of immigrants, citizens with the status of «returning resident hoser», foreign citizens, and employees precious time and money. Signed by me on the day the decision will allow the returnees to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy. All must help immigrants to successfully integrate into our country,» added Minister Yisrael Katz.

Katz also noted that innovation on foreign workers, mainly to simplify the lives of farmers. Still, they had several times a year to stop working in order to solve the issue of the extension of the validity of driving licences of their employees with the status of «foreign workers.»

Additional facilitation for drivers will also remove the need of passing the vision screening (age 40 and older, every 10 years). Previously it was a condition to renew a permit. Undo this decision will also save time and money drivers.

The Ministry of transport noted that the Directive requires doctors to report deterioration in the health of drivers and relevant government agencies. In addition, first of all, the driver is responsible for the management of the vehicle, and is obliged to drive only if it allows health. Also, according to the Ministry of transport, most countries do not require this test. Taking into account all these factors, the Ministry of transport decided to abolish this bureaucratic procedure.

A few weeks ago, the Minister Yisrael Katz presented a comprehensive reform in the field of services related to the paperwork for drivers and registration of vehicles. The objective of the programme is a significant reduction in queues in the offices of the Department of motor vehicles as well as simplification of procedures for obtaining documents necessary for drivers and vehicle owners.

For additional information, drivers can contact the Help center of the Ministry of transport at telephone *5678.

For new immigrants, the simplified procedure of confirmation of a driver’s license 13.08.2017

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