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For the consideration of Congress a draft impeachment of Donald Trump

The democratic Congressman brad Sherman, a representative of California, introduced a house of representatives draft the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald Trump, in which he is accused of obstructing justice during a Federal investigation of the alleged interference of Russia in the 2016 elections.

Co-author of this document by the democratic Congressman from Texas al green, wrote on Thursday, July 13, the official publication of The Hill.

Sherman also accuses the White house of his son, Donald trump-mladshego, who met with Russian officials allegedly to obtain information about the candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton, the President attempted to put an end to the investigation by the national security adviser Michael Flynn and the dismissal of the head of the FBI James Komi.

Recall that the implementation of impeachment requires the votes of a majority of the members of the house of representatives, which is now controlled by the Republicans. In the camp of the Democrats and there is no consensus about the wisdom of this step in the current situation.

«Day after day, Democrats, Republicans, and the whole world is in horror watching the President is a dilettante. His ignorance is compounded by the failure to learn, he is unable to control his impulses and doesn’t do the job for him. We have nothing that can surprise even the basest actions of this administration are extremely dangerous for the country», – leads edition of the words of Sherman.

«However, the Constitution stipulates the dismissal of the President’s impulsiveness and ignorance are only for misdemeanors and serious crimes,» concluded the MP.

A White house spokesman Sarah Huckaby-Sanders commented on the initiative, stating to reporters during a briefing: «At best this is absurd and ridiculous, and at worst a political game».

For the consideration of Congress a draft impeachment of Donald Trump 13.07.2017

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