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For the last three days of 583 Israelis called «emergency» because of the heat

Because of the hot weather, established in Israel continues to increase the number of calls «emergency». As reported a press-service «Magen David Adom» for the past three days, MADA paramedics assisted 583 Israelis.

To 256 Israelis ambulance was called after they lost consciousness.

51 patient care was required due to dehydration.

Another 275 Israelis called for an ambulance due to the fact that they felt weak.

Paramedics are reminded that the first and most important rule is to maintain water balance in the body. Israelis consume at least three liters of fluid a day, giving preference to ordinary water, cold, and not hot drinks.

On the street you should avoid being in the sun, often rest in the shade or air-conditioned shopping malls. Should dress according to the season, use sunscreen and wear hats. It is especially important to follow these rules, collecting for the street children.

Paramedics are warning parents not to leave children in closed vehicles, even «for a minute». Heat can cause thermal shock and even death of the baby.

When going to the beach, you should use a sunscreen with a high protection level. You should not be in the sun for a long time and sunbathe in the afternoon. The best time to hike on the sea is the morning.

Persons whose work is associated with prolonged stay in the outdoors, it is recommended to frequently relax in the shade or an air conditioned room to drink more.

The paramedics strongly recommended not to exercise outdoors during daylight hours. Exercise is recommended to move in the early morning or late evening to reduce the physical strain and do not forget to drink.

When signs of dehydration, such as headaches, dizziness and weakness, you should cease all physical activity, move to shade or air-conditioned room to drink more. And not to go out in the sun until, until the symptoms of dehydration.

In the case of heat stroke, which can manifest as fainting, it is necessary to call «ambulance» on the phone 101.

For the last three days of 583 Israelis called «emergency» because of the heat 04.07.2017

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