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For the post of mayor of London will play a Muslim and a Jew – Sadiq Khan and Zac goldsmith

Candidate for mayor of London from the labour party was born in a family of immigrants from Pakistan Sadiq Khan is the son of a bus driver and a seamstress who grew up in a working-class district and received a law degree . He has to compete with the nobleman and multimillionaire Zac Goldsmith, the candidate of the Conservative party, where he has a reputation as a rebel.

In case of victory Khan calling Sega «true European», promises to do the improvement of poor neighborhoods, writes on 24 February, the leading British newspaper the Guardian.

The last census showed a significant increase in the population of the British capital, in London, more and more representatives of ethnic minorities. Londoners of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi descent form a large Diaspora, which is already beginning to shape their policies,

The current mayor, Boris Johnson, has supported the residents of the affluent neighborhoods, and he, for his part, was able to exploit the discontent of the population growing crime rates, transport problems and shortcomings of the health system. The favorite of the election race, Sadiq Khan, said he wants to be «a mayor for all Londoners», and, according to the newspaper, has chances to hold this post.

Zac goldsmith is the complete opposite of Khan: he was born into a wealthy family and was educated at Eton, from which he graduated, Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron. Goldsmith, however, was excluded from this prestigious University for Smoking marijuana. Within ten years goldsmith was the editor of the «Environmental journal», where he actively supported the campaign against climate change. He promises that, if elected, will advocate a British exit from the EU, says the publication The Daily Express.

Sadiq Khan worked in the government of Gordon brown, and under the direction of Jeremy Corbyn, now leader of the labour party, and is a specialist in the field of protection of human rights. If elected, he intends to solve the problem of the housing crisis, to freeze the tariffs for public transport, to cope with crime and to support the position of Cameron towards the EU.

In an interview with the Italian La Repubblica, Khan explained his views on Islam, stating: to fight Islamic extremism, should first acknowledge its existence. «Being a Muslim means to pray, fast in Ramadan, eat Halal food. But my identity is multifaceted: I am a Muslim, British, European, labourer, lawyer, father. Among my friends there are followers of all religions, and I love London, because it all respects. It breaks my heart when I hear trump wants to get rid of Muslims» – says the candidate for mayor of London.

For the post of mayor of London will play a Muslim and a Jew – Sadiq Khan and Zac goldsmith 24.02.2016

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