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Forbes: owner of Amazon Bezos «earned» for the day $10 billion and became the richest on the planet

Forbes magazine reports that the 53-year-old American businessman Jeff Bezos, the founder and owner of Amazon, one day added to his personal capital $ 10 billion, and now once again considered to be the richest man on Earth.

In the article Kate Vinton noted that on our planet there are only 150 people, who are the holders of the capital from $ 10 billion and above.

Bezos «got rich» at $10 billion after Thursday Amazon issued a positive earnings report for the third quarter. With the result that by Friday, the stock price of his company increased by 13.2%. Now personal capital Jeff Bezos is estimated at 93.1 billion.

Recall that on 18 October, Forbes published its annual rating of the richest people in the United States. Then the richest American was named the founder of Microsoft bill gates, whose fortune is estimated at 89 billion ($8 billion more than last year).

In July, Forbes published a preliminary assessment, according to which the gates in the first place ranking of the richest Americans were ousted by the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos. But in the final ranking, published on October 18, he was ranked second, with a capital of 81.5 billion dollars (an increase of $14.5 billion per year).

Now the rating should be revised, and Bezos is the richest American and the richest man in the world. However, Forbes does not publish revised data on other participants of a rating.

The richest Americans, the TOP 20. The Forbes 2017 (as of 18-28 October 2017)

1. Jeff Bezos – $93,1 billion

2. Bill gates – $89 billion

3. Warren Buffett – $78 billion

4. Mark Zuckerberg – $71 billion

5. Larry Ellison – $59 billion

6. Charles Koch – $48.5 billion

7. David Koch – $48.5 billion

8. Michael Bloomberg – $46.8 billion

9. Larry page – $44.6 billion

10. Sergey Brin – $43.4 billion

11. Jim Walton $38.4 billion

12. Robson Walton $38.3 billion

13. Alice Walton – $38.2 billion

14. Sheldon Edelson – $35.4 billion

15. Steve Ballmer – $33.6 billion

16. Jacqueline Mars – $25.5 billion

17. John Mars – $25.5 billion

18. Phil knight – $25.2 billion

19. Michael Dell – $23.2 billion

20. George Soros $23 billion

Forbes: owner of Amazon Bezos «earned» for the day $10 billion and became the richest on the planet 29.10.2017

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