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Ford has called the worst shoes for drivers

Carmaker Ford has conducted a study designed to find out what shoes are less suited for driving a car.

According to the automaker, only in the UK, the wrong choice of shoes annually causes 1.4 million accidents and dangerous traffic incidents reported

The worst shoes for driving recognized the Slippers because they can slide off your feet and get under the pedals. In some countries, while driving this type of Shoe to use is prohibited. For example, in France it could be fined 90 euros, and in Spain for 200 euros.

According to the study, footwear that is freely sitting on the foot, increases the deceleration time is on average 0.13 seconds. This is enough to at a speed of 95 km/h braking distance increased by 3.5 meters.

In addition, the Slippers move the foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal takes twice the time than other shoes – about 0.04 seconds.

— Selling and buying cars in Israel

Ford has called the worst shoes for drivers 01.07.2017

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