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Forecasters: in early January might snow in the Golan and in Jerusalem

According to the Israeli weather service forecasts, in the beginning of this week will not rain or they will be minor, however from Wednesday in most parts of the country rain is expected.

While January 1 and 2 will worsen, and there is a high probability of snowfall on the hills in the Jerusalem area on the night of Saturday and Sunday. It is expected heavy snowfall on the Hermon and possibly in other parts of the Golan heights. It is not excluded snowfall 1-3 January in the mountainous areas of Judea and Samaria, and to the North of the Negev.

Forecasters stress that this is a preliminary forecast that will be refined in the coming days.

In the past winter season had a few «snow storms». The most intense snow, including in Jerusalem, was observed on 7 January and 19-20 February.

— The third snow storm in winter 2015. Photo

The most snowy winter in Israel

The winter 2015 season, by Israeli standards, was rich in snow. But «the snow» in the last decade were winter storms in December 2013 and in January of 2013, when snow fell even in the coastal areas of the center of the country, and snow in Jerusalem were kept for about a week. Before the «snowiest» for the past 20 years forecasters called the winter season 2011-2012.

One day snow fell in Jerusalem, and in the second half of March. On the morning of 17 March 1998 in the capital was dust storm, the air temperature was over 20 degrees Celsius, in the afternoon it began to rain, and at night-at night the snow fell, on the morning of March 18, the Jerusalemites were snowdrifts on the streets.

The most snow in the history of Israel is considered to be February 1950, when the snow in the next few days were not only covered the North and the hills in the Jerusalem area, but almost the entire country, including tel Aviv.

Forecasters: in early January might snow in the Golan and in Jerusalem 27.12.2015

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