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Foreign Minister of Syria has accused Israel of supporting «Syrian terrorists»

On Saturday, September 23, foreign Minister of Syria, Walid-moualem, speaking at the 72nd UN General Assembly, said that Israel has provided funds, weapons and communications support to groups fighting against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

«The unlimited support provided by Israel to Syrian terrorists is not a surprise since Israel and terrorists share the same goal,» — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Syria.

Thus, as stressed by JP, there is no evidence that Israel has supported any of the anti-government groups operating in Syria. But it is well known that the Jewish state took people injured in the civil war in Syria, placing the wounded in Israeli hospitals and sent to Syria of hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid.

Seeing the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Syria, Israel first turned to international organizations so that, through them, to organize assistance to the Syrians, but negotiations have not crowned success, and if Israel decided to directly help the neighbors. First, Israel was concerned that the residents of the Syrian Golan was drinking water, food, electricity, access to health care.

Last year alone, Israel delivered to Syrian village of 500 thousand liters of diesel fuel, referred to the Syrians, dozens of generators, cars and horse-drawn vehicles.

In addition, speaking at the UN General Assembly, moualem blamed Israel for the implementation of air strikes on positions of the Syrian army that supposedly plays into the hands of terrorists.

This moualem stressed that «victory over the terrorists close», as the Syrian army, supported by the allies, every day brings her a step closer, eliminating the insurgents and freeing the territory. «At the political level, we are encouraged by the process of agreement began in Astana, and emerging areas of de-escalation», — he said, reports Express.

Recall, on the eve of the Syrian opposition sources reported that on the night of 22 September, the Israeli air force struck targets on the territory of the international airport of Damascus. It was alleged that the Syrian air defense downed an Israeli drone plane.

The Israeli defense Ministry and IDF spokesman has not commented on these publications. In the website i24news noted that the blow was inflicted on the district as the «stronghold of Hezbollah».

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Foreign Minister of Syria has accused Israel of supporting «Syrian terrorists» 23.09.2017

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