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Foreign Policy: Israel is going to fight in Syria to counter Iran

«Israeli officials believe that Iran succeeds in its claim to domination in the middle East, and take active measures to prevent possible regrouping of forces in the region. The military and diplomatic campaign Israel is Syria,» writes Foreign Policy .

«Israeli planes dozens of times attacked on facilities and convoys to Hizbullah and the Syrian regime during the civil war in Syria to prevent the transfer of Iran’s weapons systems to Hezbollah. On a background of apparently growing scale of the air campaign on 7 September, Israeli aircraft struck Syrian military facilities near the town of Masyaf, where chemical weapons were manufactured and stored missiles «ground — ground», — said the author of the article Jonathan Spier.

«This blow was struck after round of negotiations, in which Israeli officials came to the conclusion that their fears about the situation in Syria are not considered seriously enough neither in the US nor in Russia. A high-ranking delegation led by head of the «Mossad» Yossi Cohen visited Washington in late August, reportedly to protest Israel’s emerging us-Russian agreement on Syria. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi to report the same concern,» the article says.

«In both cases, the Israelis were not satisfied with the answer. The object of their primary concern in Syria is a freedom of action which all the major players seem willing to provide Iran and the various conductors of his policy in the country. While no one else solves this problem in a satisfactory way, Israel is determined to deal with it alone,» said Speier.

«Given the likelihood that Pro-Iranian forces reached the city of Bukamal on the Syrian-Iraqi border, the possible creation of an Iranian «land corridor» which will stretch continuously from the territory of Iran to the countryside a few kilometers from the Israeli-controlled Golan heights,» the article says.

Israel still suppressed those ambitions in two ways. First, he arranged the attacks to disrupt attempts to create a paramilitary infrastructure in the area, and secondly, established a pragmatic working relationship with local rebel groups, which still control most of the border. It is, for example, the group «Fursan al-Golan», the article says.

«From the point of view of Israel, we returned to the situation in the middle East until 2010, when Israel and Western-oriented Sunni States have realized that they are in direct conflict with the Iranians and their allies. But in 2017 there is a new complicating factor is the physical presence in the Levant Russia, in Alliance or at least cooperating with the enemies of Israel,» says the author.

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump, who remains focused solely on the war against the «Islamic state», has done almost nothing to reduce the concern of Israel. The impression that the administration is not sufficiently interested in to actually take the steps necessary to stop the Iranian offensive — both military and political — in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, the article says.

What remains to do to Israel in this situation?

«First, diplomatic measures of influence on the international arbiters of the fate of Syria for Israel remain open, writes Speier. — As for Washington, the task of Israel is to promote a more coherent American strategy to counter the promotion of the Iranians in the Levant. As for Moscow, the aim is to arrange sufficient freedom of action with Putin, with no ideological hatred for Israel or a special sympathy for Tehran that Israel could take measures it deems necessary in order to stop or deter the Iranians and their puppets.»

Second, Israel will continue to rely on its armed forces that has no equal in the region. Shot Masyaf was not the first in the battle between Israel and a puppet of Iran in the Levant — and he is unlikely to be the last, the author concludes.

Foreign Policy: Israel is going to fight in Syria to counter Iran 29.09.2017

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