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Foreign Policy: the Syria Recovery promises lucrative contracts Russian and Iranian firms

«The worst violence six-year-old Syrian war eroding, while the government forces of President Bashar al-Assad have retaken large areas of rebel-held territory and the Islamic state driven out of their main strongholds, writes the correspondent of the Foreihn Policy, Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian. – However, where millions of Syrian civilians have seen destruction where hundreds of thousands have died over the past six years, companies in Syria and abroad now see the dollar icons».

According to the author, «almost destroyed every bridge, road, building and power plant will be a chance to potentially lucrative government construction contract that the regime will soon begin to distribute.»

«Reconstruction contracts, is likely to accrue mostly to firms that are associated with Russia and Iran, which supports Assad, although China and Brazil also declare their intention to participate, the article says. – Most Western companies did not call, but they were not going to participate: during the UN General Assembly on September 14 the Western countries and Gulf States opposed to the regime, said they will not participate in the reconstruction of Syria until the start of the «political process» for the removal of Assad from power».

«In April 2016, shortly after Russia stormed into the Syrian war, it has already signed and other infrastructure contracts worth nearly $ 1 billion, – the correspondent. In November Damascus has promised to give preference to Moscow in the allocation of contracts, according to RT. A pair of Kremlin-connected energy companies has already started to do business in oil, gas and mining sectors in the areas just stripped from the «Islamic state». Syria and Russia are even considering the creation of new joint Bank to facilitate such transactions.

«However, Damascus asks for help and also to another longtime patron, – is spoken further. – Earlier this year, Iranian companies connected with the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, signed a deal for the restoration of telephone networks and mines, and last month, Iranian companies made a lot of preliminary agreements on the construction of new plants in several Syrian cities, including Aleppo and HOMS. Iranian officials said their country will build in Syria oil refinery».

Foreign Policy: the Syria Recovery promises lucrative contracts Russian and Iranian firms 23.10.2017

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