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Foreign Policy: Why Russian engineers are working on under control of the IG plant in Syria?

«Officially the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian allies are at war with «Islamic state». However gas processing plant in Northern Syria controlled by the jihadist group, proves the fact that business ties between the Syrian regime and ISIS are saved. According to Turkish officials and Syrian rebels, this company is a place of interaction between LIH and Russian energy companies with ties to President Vladimir Putin», – journalists write Ceren Kenar and Ragip Soylu in an article for Foreign Policy.

Tuweinan gas plant – the largest such installation in Syria. It was built by the Russian company «Stroytransgaz», owned by billionaire Gennady Timchenko, reported to journalists.

«The Syrian government initially signed a contract for the construction of Tuweinan with «Surgutneftegaz» in 2007. When the construction was involved the Syrian subcontractor Hesco owned by George Haswani with dual – Russian and Syrian citizenship,» reads the article.

Construction progressed slowly, until a coalition of Syrian rebels had not occupied the plant in January 2013. IG have set this venture in early 2014, writing the Canary and Soylu.

«A senior Turkish official argues that after his capture «Stroytrasgaz» through its subcontractor Hesco continued building with the permission of the «Islamic state». He also said that the Russian engineers worked in the factory, finishing the project», – said in the article.

«Part of the natural gas goes to a power plant in Aleppo, which operates under the auspices of the IG, the rest comes in HOMS and Damascus,» says David butter (Chatham House, London), familiar with the letter Haswani, which describes the details of this project.

According to the rebel Abu Khalid, who participated in the operation to capture Tuweinan in 2013, Russian engineers still worked there, and Haswani made a deal with ISIS and the regime on mutually beneficial gas production at the plant.

Aron Lund, editor of the website «Syria in crisis» (Syria in Crisis), argues that these arrangements for oil and gas exist all over Syria, the article says.

«There are a lot of informal trade relationships that emerge between armed groups, smugglers and private companies, acting as intermediaries between the various parties to the conflict. While the country is falling apart, state institutions, infrastructure and most of the economy unavoidably remain in common use», says Lund.

Foreign Policy: Why Russian engineers are working on under control of the IG plant in Syria? 10.02.2016

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