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Former sex slaves of ISIS, taking up arms to revenge

Units of the Iraqi army and allied militias massing forces in the Mosul area. Soon to begin the operation to liberate this city from insurgents «Islamic state».

As expected, a key role in the operation, which will be supported by the air force of the Western coalition, will play the Kurdish self-defence. In hostilities engaged Sunni tribes and groups formed the Christian communities of Northern Iraq.

As it became known, to the battles against ISIS and join «Team sun virgins». It includes about a few hundred tidak, rescued from sexual slavery by the jihadists. They are full of desire to take revenge on the tyrants for the suffering.

Detachment commander captain Hidar says that 123 fighter had already participated in the fighting, another 500 to finish the course. According to the commander, in sexual slavery in Mosul is still 3.500 to their girlfriends.

«The battle for Mosul will allow us to test what we’re made of. Will be very difficult, but we must free the kidnapped women. They are waiting for relatives and friends. After clearing the city, we can return them home,» said Hider.

Note that jihadists fear clashes with female fighters. According to legend, a soldier of Allah, killed by the hands of women will not be able to enter heaven and enjoy the eternal pleasures of 72 virgin Gury.

Former sex slaves of ISIS, taking up arms to revenge 14.02.2016

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