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Found the alleged tomb of Ankhesenamun, sister-wife of king Tutankhamun

The Egyptian archaeologist Zaki Hawass announced that his Italian expedition discovered in the valley of the kings tomb, by all indications belonged to Ankhesenamun, wife of king Tutankhamun, which, most likely, was his half-sister.

Writes Live Science, archaeologists can not yet say exactly who is buried in the grave. But it is located near the tomb of the Pharaoh ay, who Ankhesenamun was married after the death of her young husband.

«The fact that here is the tomb, can be seen in four pantry with utensils, food and other items needed for the afterlife,» the scientist said, saying that the work will be completed.

Zaki Hawass is one of the most recognized archaeologists in the world. It is called the «Egyptian Indiana Jones». In 2002-2011 he was head of the antiquities Department of Egypt, and then in a few months became the first in the history of the country’s Minister of antiquities.

Tutankhamun, who ruled in the fourteenth century BC, ascended the throne at the age of 10 and died at 19 years of age. He was weak and sickly young men. The country was actually ruled by a Regent, ay, who seized power after his death and married his widow.

Found the alleged tomb of Ankhesenamun, sister-wife of king Tutankhamun 20.07.2017

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