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Found the «black boxes» broken An-148: they are decipherable

At the crash site of a passenger airliner An-148 in the suburbs found two flight recorders – voice and parametric – having serious injuries, but useful for interpretation.

This was reported in the Monday, February 12, on the official website of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC).

«The opening of the boxes will occur immediately after they will be transported to the lab. Their condition and suitability for transcripts can be assessed in the evening», – quotes the words of experts, the news Agency TASS.

We will remind that on Sunday, February 11, in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow region, between the villages of Argunovo and Stepanov, crashed passenger aircraft an-148 of airline «Saratov airlines», on Board of which there were 65 passengers and six crew members.

Liner followed by the flight Moscow–Orsk.He made a departure from Domodedovo airport and disappeared from radar two minutes after departure.

The transport Ministry said they are considering all versions of the crash – from human error to weather conditions. Priority version experts still can not identify. To date, Russia’s Investigative Committee leading the investigation into the tragedy, found that the An-148 is not broke to pieces in the air and exploded after hitting the ground.

Press-service of airline «Saratov airlines» stated that the pilot and copilot of the An-148 had a few hundred flight hours on this type of aircraft.

However, the media clarify that if the commander of the aircraft Valery Gubanov had five thousand flying hours, of which more than two thousand of the An-148 and to transition in civil aviation was a military pilot, the second pilot Sergey Gambaryan, «flown» only 812 hours.

The crashed An-148 was made in 2010, the company «Saratov airlines» it will be delivered in 2016.

The airline also notes that the plane passed mandatory maintenance, which was not discovered problems. In January of the current year were audited units of the engine, airframe and wing.

The investigative Committee of Russia opened in connection with this tragedy criminal case about infringement of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons.

The place of wreck of An-148 examined nine drones. The three regions shall pay compensation to the families of the victims.

Found the «black boxes» broken An-148: they are decipherable 12.02.2018

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